Clear Creek Bio's CEO was interviewed for an article in Fortune about developing an oral treatment for COVID-19.

The reporter, Emily Mullin, writes:

Even with highly effective vaccines, cases of COVID-19 are still happening in the U.S. More than 40,000 people a day are being diagnosed with the disease, based on a seven-day average of Johns Hopkins University data.

Many people remain hesitant about getting the shot, and breakthrough infections can occasionally occur in those who are vaccinated. Meanwhile, some countries don’t have enough vaccine doses. COVID-19 is likely here to stay—at least for the foreseeable future.

Drug developers and public health experts say what’s needed now is an easy-to-take treatment for COVID-19. A pill akin to Tamiflu—an antiviral for seasonal influenza—could prevent people with symptoms from getting worse and ending up in the hospital. Antibody drugs have been shown to do just that, but these drugs need to be given via an IV, making them difficult to deploy quickly to a large number of people. A pill would be far more convenient.

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