Maryline Kienle, Ph.D.

Manager, Project & Research Operations

Maryline Kienle, PhD, earned her B.S degree in organic chemistry, analytic and process engineering from CPE Lyon (Ecole supérieure de Chimie Physique Electronique de Lyon). During her undergraduate and graduate studies, she gained profound knowledge in synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and computer-assisted drug design by pursuing research both in industry (Boehringer Ingelheim and F. Hoffman – La Roche) and in academia (groups of Prof. Baudoin and Prof. Charette). For her PhD thesis, Maryline joined the group of Prof. Altmann, at ETH Zurich, to work on the synthesis of bioactive compounds as potential antitubercular agents. Thereafter, she held a postdoctoral appointment as a SNSF Fellow at Stanford University (Prof. Khosla group), where she took advantage of her synthetic knowledge while gaining expertise in enzymology (protein expression and purification, enzymatic assays) and virology (working with SARS-CoV-2 and dengue virus in BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories).

585 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

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